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We value your eyesight as much as you do and would like to offer our existing customers an 11% discount on one, two and three boxes of Ethos Bright Eyes. Simply click any of the discounted links below depending on how much you would like to save.

Bright Eyes For Humans

One Box of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £66.97 – Now £59.60 – SAVE £7.37

Two Box’s of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £126.97 – Now £113.00 – SAVE £13.97

Three Box’s of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £186.97 – Now £166.40 – SAVE £20.57

Bright Eyes For Pets

One Box of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £66.97 – Now £59.60 – SAVE £7.36

Two Box’s of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £126.97 – Now £113.00 – SAVE £13.96

Three Box’s of Ethos Bright Eyes – Usually £186.97 – Now £166.40 – SAVE £20.56

Our Favorite Customer ‘Pet Testimonial’ of 2018

Hello Mark,
I’ve been using the drops on my little ginger cat Tigger, with the powder in his water too. He will be 17 in November.

After 3 weeks he could see a piece of ribbon being wiggled in front of him and was pouncing on it accurately, which was an absolute miracle after wandering around blind. The cataracts had crept up on him, so I didn’t actually notice until he was bumping into furniture. 3 months earlier he was catching rabbits and bringing them through the cat flap!

The drops are absolutely fantastic. I’m taking the powder myself now.

Thanks so much, Karen

Tue, Sep 25, 2018

The Perfect Combination For Optimum Eye Health
Especially For Those Suffering with Diabetes…


Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops and Ethos Carnosine Powder:

What You Need To Know – Carnosine’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Carnosine is naturally found throughout the entire body, especially where there are high energy demands on certain organs like the heart, brain and muscles. Carnosine’s role is to protect and rejuvenate these critically important areas from the continued demands of energy production and management.

We all have high levels of carnosine in these energy-demanding organs and tissues when we are younger. As a natural part of the aging process, carnosine levels decline with age. This is due to a two-fold process;

1. Our bodies make less carnosine as we age

2. The carnosine we have is increasingly vulnerable to degradation and destruction.

As an example, diabetes results in unnatural accelerated aging throughout the body, carnosine production is decreased, and its destruction increases.

A prime example of “unnatural accelerated aging” due to diabetes, is the noticeably fast onset of cataracts.

These findings suggest that a “carnosine deficiency” plays a significant role responsible for the visible signs of aging and the loss of function in many areas throughout the body as aging ensues.

The good news is that we can now restore our bodies’ younger l-carnosine levels, giving us the ability to slow down and even reverse the aging process.

Use Ethos Endymion Pure Carnosine Powder To Get The Best Results

  • Ethos Endymion L-Carnosine Powder – NO Fluff, NO Fillers, Just 100% Pure Carnosine Powder
  • Only Ethos Carnosine Powder has been featured in the UK’s Prestigious Telegraph
  • Ethos Carnosine Powder is the purest available in the marketplace
  • Ethos Carnosine Products have been featured in multiple publications and on maintream National UK television
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