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“Giving Back The Gift Of Sight Since 2003”

In 2003 a colleague shared the story of a 79 year old Grandmother in the UK who had been suffering with cataracts in both eyes. Naturally, she was very hesitant and fearful of the cataract operation and decided instead to try Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops instead of an operation.

Her daughters remarkable story and testimonial below was the catalyst for creating ethosVision. We have been helping people and animals regain their vision ever since.

“Already after just seven weeks of using them the white film has cleared from her eyes…”

“I just had to write to thank you for your bright eye drops. My mother, Chanahhei, is 79 years old and has suffered with cataracts now for many years. The Doctors wanted her to go into hospital for surgery but I don’t trust them and hospitals much after our previous experiences with them so she hadn’t gone. Then a couple of months ago a good friend of mine told me about your eye drops and that they could help her without the need for surgery.

This sounded too good to be true but I decided to get them for her as I felt anything was preferable to surgery and she is my mum and I’ll do anything for her”. “I started putting the drops into her eyes for her every day, once in the morning, once in the afternoon, and then again in the evening. Already, after just seven weeks of using them the white film has cleared from her eyes and there is now just a very small patch left in the corners. She can now see my finger again which she couldn’t before and everyday like clockwork she reminds me that it’s time for her drops. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product and I am now telling everyone about them and how great they are.”

Our very best wishes to you and your company
Mary & Chanahhei – Middlesex

Since 2003 we have helped 1000’s of people and all types of animal achieve a better quality of vision and life through the use of ‘Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops’ and ‘Ethos L-Carnosine Powder’



Giving a person the ability to see again – What a Great Opportunity!

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ethos:// Distinctive Character – Characteristic Spirit or Attitude of a Community
vision:// Sight – Insight – Dream – Imagination