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Goodbye Surgery? Scientists Have Created Natural Eye Drops That Slow Down, Stop and Reverse Cataracts

Verified as 100% Safe, ‘Ethos Bright Eyes Drops’ Were Put to the Test on Mainstream UK Television
Protect Healthy Eyes and Restore Age Damaged Eyes With Ethos Bright Eyes™

Of the many human senses, our eyesight is surely the most highly prized, yet the majority of us take our eyes for granted. ethosVision are dedicated to bringing you the very best in natural products to help in the fight against visual impairments such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Slow Down, Stop and Even Reverse The Natural Progression Of Cataracts and Many Other Forms Of Age-Related Blindness

Welcome to the Future of Anti-Aging and Optimum Eye Health

Ethos NAC Carnosine Eye-Drops, are an advanced ‘Pharmaceutical Grade’ eye drop formulation that contain 1% N-acetyl-L-carnosine. This natural eye drop is among the most advanced eye formulations available, offering both protection and repair from free radical damage and should be considered as ‘The Ultimate Food for Our Eyes’.

Do Ethos Bright Eyes Work and are they Safe?

If you’re concerned about the cost and trauma associated with cataract surgery and you’re considering using Ethos Bright Eyes instead, then you probably have two questions in your mind; 1. Do they really work? 2. Are they safe?

So in answer to those questions, please consider the following two points:
1. John Bolger FRCS DO. is the leading London cataract surgeon featured in the 1st TV review of our drops. Do you think a leading eye surgeon and ‘Mainstream UK TV Company’ would consider testing our eye drops unless they were 100% safe?

2. As verified by independent ophthalmologists in the “TV Results Video” above, all three patients with varying severity of cataracts each experienced an improvement in their vision in just six weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: Results vary depending on the nature and severity of the eye disorder. We highly recommend a course of three to six months (three to six or nine boxes) of Ethos Bright Eyes™ to see a noticeable improvement in vision clarity, cataract reduction or quality of eye sight.


Ethos Bright Eyes Daily Mail Article


A new eye-drop treatment could save thousands of people from having to undergo cataract surgery each year.

For 50 years surgeons have been removing cataracts from the front of the eye to restore vision in the elderly. Cataract surgery was invented in Britain but doctors in Russia and China have been offering patients eye-drops that painlessly dissolve the cataract of a period of months.

The natural chemical in the eye-drops is called L-carnosine and it is present in most muscles and in the eye itself. Researchers have found that in older people with cataracts there is less of it than in younger people.

Scientists think that those with low levels of the substance are more prone to cataracts, a clouding of the eye lens at the front of the eye that gradually thickens, eventually leading to blindness if not treated.

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Ethos Bright Eyes Could Literally Mean The Difference Between Blindness and Sight

  • Ethos Bright Eyes have been proven to slow down, halt and even reverse the progression of many age related eye disorders, including: Cataracts, Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration and Floaters
  • Ethos Bright Eyes lubricate & relieve ‘Dry Eye Syndrome’, ‘Lasik Dryness’, ‘Tired Eyes’, ‘Computer Vision Issues’, ‘Eye Strain’ and ‘Blurred Vision’.
  • Ethos Bright Eyes are 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile and contain no animal products.
  • Ethos Bright Eyes are safe for use by diabetics and compatible with all anti-diabetic drugs.
  • Ethos Bright Eyes can be safely used by contact lens wearers.

The Ageless Eye – The Scientific Discovery of Carnosine

ADVANCES in Orthomolecular Research

For decades, it was known that Carnosine acted as a buffering agent in working muscles, and the only people paying attention to it were a few physiologists interested in its ability to keep muscles contracting. But as research into this simple dipeptide continued, the picture became more complex, and its biological role, once thought to be well-understood, suddenly became mysterious.

First, it was found that Carnosine was also present in high concentrations in other tissues that last a lifetime but that don’t require its buffering properties, such as nerve cells, the cells of the retina and the lens of the eye, and at only much lower concentrations in tissues that are constantly replaced, like skin cells and the lining of the intestines.

Other facts about the distribution of Carnosine were also intriguing. Researchers wondered why there’s such a wide range of tissue Carnosine levels across the animal kingdom – and why it is that longer-lived animals tend to have more Carnosine in their cells than do shorter-lived species, or that levels of Carnosine appear to decline with aging in humans (by 63% between the ages of 10 and 70).

Click here or the image to the right to continue reading “The Ageless Eye”


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WARNING: Many other cataract eye drops suppliers are now trying to cash in on the phenomenal success of our Bright Eyes drops. If it does not say Ethos Endymion Bright Eyes on the Label, as pictured on this site, then it is NOT the same product. Purchasing these less expensive copy-cat products may lead you to very disappointing results.

Ethos Bright Eyes are just as effective in animals as well as humans;

Ethos Bright Eyes for Pets have shown great results in dogs, cats and other animals, even kangaroos and wallabies!
Interestingly, we get consistently better feedback from dog and pet owners who use the drops. We can only put this down to the possibility that people are paying better attention to applying the drops correctly to their pets, than they do for themselves.

Dr. Elizabette Cohen’s Success with Ethos Bright Eyes™

pet cataract eye drops Dr Cohen 2
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Our customers say it best:

Testimonial: I have been using Bright Eyes since February (9 drops per day). Suddenly at the end of 4 months, it dawned on me “something is happening”!! I was afraid to believe it at first, but each day, I checked my view of the house opposite. There was no doubt – the cloudiness was going. The cataract is definitely breaking up!! My cataract specialist has confirmed this for me.

I keep saying “Thank you God”! But, I am also saying “Thank you Bright Eyes”! – Mrs. M P H – UK

Ethos Bright Eyes Eye Drops - FAQ

Are Ethos Bright Eyes OK for vegans?

Ethos Bright Eyes do NOT contain animal ingredients. They are 100% plant based therefore suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.

Will the Bright Eye drops help steroid induced cataracts?

Yes Bright Eyes works with steroid induced cataracts… but if you are still taking the steroids you will need to use the drops a lot more often than somebody who isn’t on steroid drugs. Apply one drop into each eye hourly throughout the day; 8, 9, 10 times a day will be ideal. The initial stinging sensation should only last for about 1 minute – every one’s pain thresholds are different and most people say they don’t really feel much discomfort at all, right the way through to a very small percentage of people who say that they feel them stinging a lot. It’s not harmful though and is caused by the drops passing through the cornea of the eye into the aqueous humour below where the lens is located.

What effect, if any, does your product have on floaters and other vitreous opacities?

Glycation plays a serious role in the breakdown of the structure of the vitreous fluid within the eye known as the aqueous humour. This is the Jell-O-like material that fills the inside of the eyeball. This breakdown leads to the gradual shrinking and liquefaction (syneresis) of the vitreous gel, so that by the time the average person is in his or her nineties, nearly half of the vitreous gel has degenerated into an unstructured goo.

Syneresis ultimately leads to tiny ‘cave-ins’, in which the vitreous gel collapses away from the retina. These micro-collapses often underlie ‘floaters’ and light flashes, and they can ultimately cause the retina’s sensory and pigment layers to tear apart (known as retinal detachment), causing devastating damage to the vision. On top of this, new evidence has emerged to suggest that syneresis is also a major contributing factor to the formation of nuclear cataracts. So test-tube studies have shown that Carnosine can prevent early glycation products from degrading the hyaluronan fluid of the vitreous gel, and animal studies have shown that injected Carnosine protects the lens of the eye from toxic lipid peroxide products in the vitreous gel, which reinforce the idea that the application of a topical Carnosine supplement solution in the form of eye drops might very well provide a powerful defense against these deleterious processes that age our eyes.

By applying Ethos Bright Eyes Drops daily into each eye they help to protect the eyes against degenerative eye diseases whilst also helping to rejuvenate and maintain the vitreous gel in good condition. This will help to reduce the problems with any existing floaters whilst also helping to protect the eye against any new floaters from forming.

Will the Bright Eyes Drops have any measurable affect if used after failed cataract surgery?

Unfortunately there are approximately 1% of people who are left blind in one eye when their cataract operation fails. The Doctors then won’t operate on the one still good remaining eye and so then our Bright Eyes eye drops are the only option left to treat and save their sight in their other eye.

Currently, once someone has been blinded in one eye like this, there is unfortunately nothing more than can be done to save their sight in that eye. That is the biggest risk and danger of undergoing invasive cataracts surgery.

Ethos Bright Eyes Ingredients:

Bright Eyes are 100% hypoallergenic and 100% Sterile.

Bright Eyes are free of animal ingredients and may be freely used by vegetarians.

Bright Eyes are safe and suitable for use on pets and other animals.

Bright Eyes are safe for use by diabetics and are compatible with all anti diabetic drugs.

Bright Eyes drops may be safely used by contact lens wearers (both hard and soft).

Bright Eyes are safe for use by people with glaucoma.

Bright Eyes are safe for use by people with cataracts.

Bright Eyes Ingredients
Antioxidants: N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC) – 1.0%
Glycerin (lubricant) – 1.0%
Carboxymethylcellulose sodium (lubricant) – 0.3%
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Buffered with borates and potassium bicarbonate and as a preservative.
Sterile water (ophthalmic grade isotonic solution, pH 6.3 to 6.5).
Purified benzyl alcohol.

Suggested Use | Storage | Cautions:


1-2 drops in each eye 1-8 times a day or as directed by a your professional health physician. Lean head back and look up. With clean fingers, gently pull down your bottom eyelid your eyelids gently open. Bring the nozzle of the bottle close to your eye. Use a mirror to help you if needed. Press slightly on the bottle to release one drop at a time. DO NOT BLINK OR OPEN THE EYE FOR AT LEAST ONE MINUTE (PLEASE COUNT 60 SECONDS, DO NOT GUESS ONE MINUTE).

Repeat this procedure after one minute if a second drop is used. Closing the eye allows each drop to be absorbed into the eye tissue. Blinking, even one or two times, will cause most of the solution to come out of the eye.

A slight stinging may occur when the eye is very dry or the pH of the eye is different from the solution; however this slight stinging should dissipate in a 5 to 10 seconds.


Ethos Bright Eyes can be stored at normal room temperature, however, to obtain maximum shelf life Ethos Bright Eyes should be stored in the refrigerator. DO NOT FREEZE.


To avoid contamination, do not touch the tip of container to your eye, your eyelid, or any surface. Replace the cap immediately after use. Open only one container of solution at a time. Do not allow other people to use your container. Do not use if seal is broken or if solution changes color or becomes cloudy. Not recommended for children under the age of 12 years.

If the eye tissue becomes more inflamed, red, irritated or uncomfortable after using this product, immediately discontinue the use of product and consult an eye-physician if necessary. Keep out of the reach of children.

Ethos Bright Eyes N-acetyl-carnosine Eye Drops for Cataracts