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Carnosine: A Groundbreaking Discovery In Anti-Aging

There is mounting evidence documenting the fact that carnosine prevents and reverses many of the detrimental effects of aging.

We are born with high levels of carnosine, shielding us from the ravages and destructive process of aging; glycation, oxidation, DNA damage, and other reactions that damage primary organs and tissues.

Carnosine levels in the body decline as we age and this is the problem, leaving us vulnerable to decreased mobility, loss of metabolic function, failing cardiovascular performance, loss of cognitive control and an increased risk of cancer and many other age related disorders.

Research shows again and again, that carnosine powder supplementation extends the life spans on all types of animals in the lab, changing the way conventional medicine thinks about aging.

Uncovering Carnosine’s Anti-Aging Benefits

Carnosine is found throughout the entire body, especially where there are high energy demands on certain organs like the heart, brain and muscles. Carnosine’s role is to protect and rejuvenate these critically important areas from the continued demands of energy production and management.

We all have high levels of carnosine in these energy-demanding organs and tissues when we are younger. As a natural part of the aging process, carnosine levels decline with age. This is due to a two-fold process;

1. Our bodies make less carnosine as we age

2. The carnosine we have is increasingly vulnerable to degradation and destruction.

As an example, diabetes results in unnatural accelerated aging throughout the body, carnosine production is decreased, and its destruction increases.

A prime example of “unnatural accelerated aging” due to diabetes, is the noticeably fast onset of cataracts.

These findings suggest that a “carnosine deficiency” plays a significant role responsible for the visible signs of aging and the loss of function in many areas throughout the body as aging ensues.

The good news is that we can now restore our bodies’ younger l-carnosine levels, giving us the ability to slow down and even reverse the aging process.

A few of the most dramatic observations in recent years that demonstrate how l-carnosine supplementation extends life spans:

  • L-Carnosine slows the aging of human cells in culture dishes. Scientists added carnosine to cultures of young cells. While the control cells developed the typical “old” appearance, those grown in high carnosine concentrations retained their youthful appearance.
  • When these youthful-appearing cells were transferred to culture dishes lacking extra carnosine, they quickly developed the “old” appearance of control cells of the same age. Yet, when scientists took old cells, approaching the limits of their life span, and transferred them into culture dishes containing high l-carnosine concentrations, they found that the cells rapidly became rejuvenated to resemble young cells.

  • L-Carnosine extends the life span of rotifers, a microscopic aquatic organism now being used as a model of aging in many laboratories. In this experiment, scientists tested many different antioxidant compounds, identifying carnosine as one of just four that had significant effects on the organisms’ longevity.
  • L-Carnosine extends the life span of fruit flies, another organism commonly used to study aging, up to 20% in males. Normally, male fruit flies die much sooner than do females, but when fed a steady diet including a carnosine supplement, the males attained the same age as the females.
  • L-Carnosine extends the life span of laboratory mice, complex, warm-blooded mammals with many of the aging features common to humans.

L-Carnosine Increases Life Expectancy

Scientists used a strain of mice in which aging is markedly accelerated and supplemented their food with carnosine. Not only did the animals live significantly longer, they retained the physical and behavioral features of youthful animals.

Next, the scientists tested the supplement in normal mice, finding much the same effects. Carnosine clearly improved the animals’ external appearances and maintained the animals in better condition than control animals receiving no carnosine. Here are the results for this study.

In 1996 Professor Steven Gallant and Professor Alexander Boldyrev, the world’s leading authorities in their field, began a ground-breaking experiment to see if L-Carnosine would have any beneficial effects on a large group of mice.

It is important to note that these mice were given the best of living conditions to live out a normal life cycle so as to achieve accurate results. One of these two brothers was given l-carnosine…

There is nothing wrong with the mouse on the right, he’s just showing the typical signs of aging.

The study revealed that mice given l-carnosine were twice as likely to reach their maximum lifespan as untreated mice. Carnosine significantly reduced the outward ‘signs of old age’.

In effect, it makes the mice look younger. 44% of the carnosine treated mice had young, glossy coats in old age as opposed to only 5% in the untreated mice.

This represents 900% better odds of looking young in old age.

Another important difference between the treated and the untreated mice was in their behavior. Only 9% of the untreated mice behaved youthfully in old age, versus 58% of the carnosine treated mice.

That’s a 600% improvement in how they felt and behaved.


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L-Carnosine is found in chicken and lean red meat so this powder supplement could be especially useful for veggies.

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