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Ethos Bright Eyes Reviews

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There’s nothing more motivating than a life changing testimonial with respect to eyesight. Please, if you experience a life changing event with our eye drops or supplements, then let us know so that we can share your story with others.


Testimonial In this video:

I had cataracts in both eyes and was scheduled for operation in August 2004. My daughter was against surgery and introduced Bright Eyes drops to me. After applying 4 drops per day for 3 months, there is remarkable improvement in my vision as my ophthalmologist said that my cataract in both eyes are at the beginning stage and there is no need for eye surgery yet. Thanks to Bright Eyes drops.

Catherine (a diabetic with high blood pressure and high cholesterol)


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Yes I have noticed an improvement with my eye problem. Since May I have been waking in the night with severe pain in my eye as though something was scratching it. The GP and the hospital consultant couldn’t find the problem other than a dry eye? The lubricants they prescribed haven’t helped. I saw an article in ‘Bella’ magazine about your eye drops and my Grandson sent off for it over the internet. I have used four of the containers and found the eye problem much improved. I would like to order more.

Mrs J. Jones, Stoke-on-Trent


Testimonial In this video:
“and found I could read the numbers without my reading glasses“

I am 87 years of age and both my eyes are very watery and my doctor says I have signs of cataracts as expected at my age. I started to use the eye drops 1 drop each eye morning and late afternoon. After using 3 vials I find the eyes not as watery. But on going into the bank I was looking at the computer number pad and found I could read the numbers without my reading glasses. I am very lucky to have met ‘you all’ please carry on the good work you have started.

Mr R. M. Wilson Whitby


Testimonial In this video:

After using Ethos Bright Eyes drops for around eight months I visited my optician for my annual eye test. He said: ‘That is most unusual. The cataracts that have started forming in both your eyes have not changed at all, therefore there is no need to change your glasses.’ He had not heard of Ethos Bright Eyes but when I showed him the packet he said: ‘Yes, it is quite feasible that a good anti-oxidant would work, and from your experience this one appears to be safe.’

Mr J. Bean, Suffolk


Testimonial In this video:
“Based on my personal experience, I am sure NAC can cure cataract“

I am a 57 year-old pharmacist and I have run my own pharmacy in Indonesia for years. I have suffered cataract since I was 45 years old, so my vision was getting worse and worse and my far sight was not good. This situation made me too difficult to read. I was very upset and I felt frustrated with the condition. When I knew from internet about NAC, I looked for the information deeper and tried to find the source and eager to try it. Luckily, my daughter stays in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, so I asked her to buy Bright Eyes drops for a trial. I started using Bright Eyes drops in January and this product is like a miracle to me because my vision is getting better. Although it is not fully recovered yet but I feel a lot of improvement. Until now, I have used 7 boxes of the Bright Eyes drops and still continue using it. Based on my personal experience, I am sure NAC can cure cataract. Kind regards,

Lily Sundarsih Wahjudi, Jakarta, Indonesia


Testimonial In this video:

My Italian Greyhound 15 year old dog had cataracts so bad her eyes looked white. After 3 days of applying 6 drops per eye per day the white cataracts have receded, although still there, she can now see enough not to bump into things. We have bought a second box with two more vials and as recommended after that treatment is done we will cut the dosage to a couple drops a day. We think these drops are great.

Sergio Silva USA

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